In 2022 STRATA Architecture was selected to design a two-story addition to the Chillicothe Elementary School (CES) in Chillicothe, MO. The 61,500 sq. ft. addition replaced two 1950s-era elementary schools, allowing for all early childhood, kindergarten, and grade school students to attend school at CES on the R-II District Campus. The new addition was designed to fit on a previously developed site and to meet the update spatial requirements of the School District.

STRATA’S work included the design of the addition for 2nd through 5th grades; updates to the existing CES built in 2018 for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students; extensive site work; a new access road, playground, sidewalks, and parking lots. The addition houses a new cafeteria that serves as an ICC 500 storm shelter for all CES students and staff. The design also focused on expanding the school’s administrative suite, enlarging the library, and implementing numerous safety and technology improvements. The new educational wings infuses school spirit and community throughout.

The interiors were designed to take advantage of natural daylight and views in and out of the building, improving safety concerns of the administration. The building incorporates environmental and sustainable strategies including daylighting, material selection, and occupancy sensors as means to reduce energy usage and improve the interior environment for both students and staff. Beyond the design, STRATA worked with the Contractor and School District to develop a construction strategy that allow CES to remain in use throughout the construction of the addition site and groundwork.