Senate Mezzanine Rehabilitation, Jefferson City, Missouri

STRATA Architecture Inc. worked closely with the State of Missouri Office of Administration and representatives from the Missouri State Senate to restore the historic Senate Chamber Press Gallery space in the Missouri State Capitol. This space, which lies directly behind the Senate dais, had been in-filled in the mid-Twentieth Century with a maze of one and two-story office spaces. These spaces were walled off on either side of the historic painted glass window and were cloaked by decorative blue silk curtains facing into the Chamber.

The rehabilitation involved the demolition of all of the in-fill construction to restore the volume and original configuration of the historic Press Gallery. Finishes were restored including painting and wall coverings, historic light fixtures were restored, new accent lighting was installed, replica historic glass doors installed, a new kitchenette and custom-designed Axminster carpeting were installed. The design for the space reflects the grandeur and historic precedent of the Senate Chamber and provides exceptional views overlooking the space below.